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Grit Guard

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We felt a little funny selling the scratch shields but then using the original grit guards in our detailing centre buckets for the last 10 years!

I’d rather sell on our site what we use and what we would recommend compared to cheaper alternatives. So here we are, the best out there… GRIT GUARDS.

We sell the grit guards in three different colours as we use them to colour code our buckets.

We got for blue as the wash bucket
Red for the rinse bucket and finally,
Black for the Wheels bucket

Yes, you always here that its the 2BM, 2 bucket method BUT 3 buckets should be used. Yes, they may be a bit more than what you wanted to fork out on for your home kit BUT a decent set of buckets will last you years. We are using the same 3 grit guard buckets in our detailing centre that we started with from back in 2014!

Make sure that you give the grit guards a rinse down after every use.